Sean McCallum is the author of TheJoyThief!

A Watch Manager within Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service, Sean is also a veteran of the Iraq War of 2003. A highly experienced trauma specialist, Sean is a certified Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) trainer/facilitator.

Having developed the psychological theories of subjective criticality, dynamic integration, and meta-critical incidents, Sean has been described as a thought-leader within the field of psychotraumatology. As Managing Director of Eudemonics, an award-winning mental health consultancy, Sean provides trauma-focused training, consultancy, and therapeutic services for private, corporate, and 3rd sector clients.

With his development of the ‘CRISIS Schema®’ – an evolutionary model of psychological first aid now used by trauma practitioners across the world, Sean’s work has positively impacted the lives of many people who have endured traumatic experiences.

Coordinating community programmes supporting military veterans, victims of domestic abuse, and people enduring addiction, Sean lives in Nottinghamshire, England, with his partner Caron and their daughters Morgan and Isla.

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